(30-second Reflection)



If we pursue happiness on earth, it eludes us. If we do what we feel compelled to do with our life, and it’s the right thing for us, happiness will follow. After we die, God won’t ask us if we were happy; He’ll ask what we did with what we had.

This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want us to be happy; however, God has planned our lives so that when it aligns with His will, we are happy on earth and happy in eternity.

If we aggressively pursue happiness, we risk hurting others and ourselves, resulting in conflict and grief.  Happiness isn’t a thing we can capture in a bottle and hold to ourselves. It’s not a treasure to be searched for and found. Rather, it’s like a road we walk — not a destination in itself, but part of the journey. It is only when we achieve our soul’s purpose that we’re truly happy — not the human happiness that ebbs and flows, but the inner joy and peace that come with fulfilling one’s destiny.

The Instrument (30-second Reflection)

Piano with Title

I am but an instrument in the Master’s hands,
but that’s all right with me.
I am seeking praise for the Musician, not the instrument,
as if I were a piano being played on a concert stage by a virtuoso.

At the end of the concert, the applause and good reviews are for the pianist,
although the piano must be finely-tuned,
and the musician must have a good rapport with his instrument,
in order to produce beautiful music.

The instrument is important and serves a purpose in its own way; 
but without the musician, the instrument is silent — just a hunk of wood.
If the instrument is unsatisfactory, the musician can always get another; 
Pianos are numerous, but great musicians few.

Lord, make me a good instrument
through which You can produce your masterpieces and be praised!

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Teach the Children (30-Second Reflection #1)


A “30-Second Reflection” is a short piece of inspiration that I will post from time to time between longer pieces. I know a lot of readers are very busy, so sometimes might appreciate a very short post that just takes a few seconds to read. Hope you enjoy them!

Spiritual truth is never forgotten by anyone. It lies dormant in souls, sometimes for years, but never is it totally forgotten. If you tell your children about God’s tender care of them, it may seem as though they do not believe it or don’t remember it. But tell them anyway. One day, when you are no longer with them, this Light you gave them will still live within them. Recognizing it is only a matter of time.