Spiritual Truth (30-Second Reflection #1)


A “30-Second Reflection” is a short piece of inspiration that I will post from time to time between longer pieces. I know a lot of readers are very busy, so sometimes might appreciate a very short post that just takes a few seconds to read. Hope you enjoy them!

Spiritual truth is never forgotten by anyone. It lies dormant in souls, sometimes for years, but never is it totally forgotten. If you tell your children about God’s tender care of them, it may seem as though they do not believe it or don’t remember it. But tell them anyway. One day, when you are no longer with them, this Light you gave them will still live within them. Recognizing it is only a matter of time.

10 thoughts on “Spiritual Truth (30-Second Reflection #1)

  1. Gloria, Great idea for short reflection.

    The post is great. So much lies dormant. It is good to plant seeds gently and they lay dormant and when the time is right. Beautiful post really enjoyed reading it


    • Thanks, Bella. I know that many people, especially parents, wonder if anything they have said to another person about God and Divine Love ever got through. Sometimes we’ll never know in this life, but we must still keep trying!

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  2. Great post..it is true that the seed lays dormant until the time is right. Beautiful short but powerful nugget…

    Love the idea of 30 second reflection. I am trying out a few short and sweets this week to ser.

    Also it means we get to read more of your wisdom

    Really enjoyed this


  3. Word press app is behaving funny so sorry if it looks i commented r
    Twice.. well i did comment twice because i thought first one didnt get thru.


  4. Gloria this is a beautiful and powerful thought. So frequently I feel far from being a spiritully aware person. There is a kind of fog we live in. News scandals, traffic, challenges finding work, medical cares. It is so easy to forget to pray and meditate. And of course with such constant and deep connectivity it is easy to be distracted by sensory overload. But seeds were planted in us and we can plant them in loved ones.

    And be reminded by wise angels to never grow weary.


  5. Isaiah 55:11
    God’s word does not return to Him void. ❤️


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