If you pursue happiness on earth, it eludes you. If you do what you feel compelled to do with your life, and it is the right thing for you, happiness will follow. After we die, God will not ask us if we were happy; He will ask what we did with what we had.

This is not to say that God doesn’t want you to be happy; however, God has planned  your life so that when it aligns with His will, you are happy on earth and happy in eternity.

If we aggressively pursue happiness, we risk hurting others and ourselves, and conflict and grief will follow.  Happiness is not a thing you can capture in a bottle and hold to yourself. It is not a treasure to be searched for and found. It is, rather, like a road on which you walk — not a destination in itself, but part of the journey. It is only when we achieve our soul’s goals that we are truly happy — not the human happiness that ebbs and flows, but the inner joy and peace that come with fulfilling one’s destiny.

Never give up on fulfilling your goals. They are as the air you breathe — they keep you alive; they keep you going! Hold fast to them and trust God to lead you to their attainment.





8 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I do think that inner joy trumps happiness. That joy can bring peace when happy or even sad. Thanks Gloria!

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  2. Interesting and balanced post

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  3. This is so very wise Gloria! I know that some who seek spiritual purity seem to try to avoid happiness as if it is some kind of sin. But I think of God as a loving Father who wants the very best for His children, and that includes happiness.

    I heard a lady on the radio commenting that she felt guilty about shopping for a really nice doorknob at Home Depot when this was such a small concern compared to parents watching their children wash ashore from refugee boats. And I thought of Lydia and me enjoying our trip to God’s Country for the Black Forest Starparty… and our homemade computer-driven telescope… and all the fun things we enjoy while billions starve.

    I do wrestle with this. Should we sell all we have and give to the poor? What have I ever done to be worthy of Lydia, and of friends like you? (and of all my toys????) Nothing. All the precious loved ones and fun things are rich gifts from God.

    We are called upon to be responsibly happy. To consider God’s will for us. Perhaps happiness here on Earth is a little like worship, and prepares us for an eternity in the Presence of God, Who loves us so very much…

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    • Hi, John. I know what you mean about the guilt when you think of people who have so much less. I once took a survey which came out that I am in the top 11% income range of all the people in the world! As I do not have much money, this is shocking. Just goes to show how very poor most of the world is.

      On the other hand, there are many, many people who have much more than we do. Some use it wisely; some don’t. Some are blessed by it and enjoy it, and also use it to help others and make others happy. Others selfishly hoard everything. I think it all depends on our attitude, our level of gratitude, and what we do with what we have.

      I believe that God put us on earth to enjoy the blessings He gives us, and also to use our gifts to make the world a better place. I don’t think most of us can be at the level of Mother Teresa, who gave up everything to work with the poor. We just do what we can with what we have. Guilt is unproductive, because even if you sold everything you have, there will still always be people starving, and then you will be one of them and add to the burden! 🙂


  4. […] gifts for the benefit of others and to glorify God. If you do this, you will achieve your goals, find true contentment, and overcome the obstacles which hinder your growth. This will give you a freedom that no earthly […]


  5. Great post. I have never been an overly spiritual person but with some things in life it feels like they were meant to be like I am being guided!


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