Thrive Where You Are

Excerpt #3 from “The Writing.”


“God has put you here in this time for a very good reason. Control the tendency to wish you lived in another time, another place, or in other circumstances. No one knows the true reason why they were put in a particular situation or with a particular family, or why they have a disability, or why they act out their life in a particular pattern. You can only guess, and sometimes your guesses are right, and sometimes they are wrong. God alone knows the real reason. It is up to you to become the best you can be, regardless of your circumstances or why you are in them, regardless of how difficult it sometimes is to give life your best shot.

“As you go on with your life, human situations might change, but on earth nothing is ever perfect — you exchange one trouble for another. So, rather than get discouraged about human situations, ponder on what you can do with your life, and utilize your Light and your gifts.” [Sept. 19, 2006]



4 thoughts on “Thrive Where You Are

  1. Gloria, Loved this, Very Enjoyable.

    I am following you but I don’t get emails when you post. I still haven’t got the hang of WordPress.

    Thanks for sharing this. Regards Bella

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    • If you go to my blog, you will see a blue icon on the right side that says “Follow,” and then you can enter your email address to get notifications of when I post. I have been posting once a week, usually on Tuesday evenings, although once in a while it has been on a different day. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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