The Tree (“The Writing” Excerpt #1)

BarrenTree with Title

“The Writing” (with a capital “W”)  is my term for the inspired words I sometimes have received over the years during meditation, especially when I’ve asked for guidance, help or comfort for a particular situation. They did not come from my own conscious thoughts, but flowed spontaneously from a “still, small inner voice”, a Source much more wise, serene and objective. Where I was upset, these words would be calm; where I was angry or resentful, they would be compassionate and forgiving; where I was fearful, they would be unshakably confident.  I’ll be posting them from time to time as “Excerpts from The Writing.” Here is the first one I will share, which was received some years ago at a time when I was feeling particularly stagnated and useless. I wanted to share it in the hope that it might encourage someone else going through a similar phase right now:

“A fruitful tree will sometimes be afflicted with arrested growth and tired, droopy leaves, tested by drought, wind and storms. It will ask itself, ‘Why is this happening? I’ve tried very hard to grow and give of my fruit. I guess I must have done something wrong. I should just give up and forget about every fruit I could have grown!’

“This tree asks itself over and over how it can return to the state of fruitful and productive growth it once had, because it feels useless and put-upon and shriveled up. But no matter how much it tries, nothing changes. The tree stays barren.

Your gifts are like this tree, which has no trouble bearing fruit when conditions are right, but which gets withered under constant heat, or grows too many leaves and not enough fruit when atmospheric conditions are not favorable. This is what happens with your gifts. When conditions are unfavorable, they go dormant and seem to exist no longer.

Blossoming Tree

“A time will come, however, when the sun will shine, the gentle rain will fall, and the troubled period of dormancy will pass. It will turn this tired old tree into a newly-blossoming thing of great beauty. It will want to grow again, and it will see itself bear wonderful fruit. 

“You will feel better, you will see your life improve, you will open your mind to light and truth once again and share that light with others.” 

Much later, I came upon this verse from the Psalms:

He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he does shall prosper. [Psalms 1:3]

If you are tired and fearful right now, and sure that you will never grow or be productive again, realize that this is just your perception, not truth. You are experiencing a necessary dormancy, just as vital to your continued growth as it was for the tree. Trust in the cycles of life, and know that the breath of God will infuse new energy into you when the time is right.




12 thoughts on “The Tree (“The Writing” Excerpt #1)

  1. Awww, Another heart touching, inspiring post. Oh isn’t it the best thing when you sit in meditation with the supreme and the solution comes. It is always beautiful to sit with the supreme and have his coolness heal the soul. I love the way your write so eloquently , graceful and flowing. I one reason for my blog is to improve my writing style – lets see. Thank you for yet another beautiful graceful post.

    “You will feel better, you will see your life improve, you will open your mind to light and truth once again and share that light with others.”

    I believe the truth of I is I am a soul, a Point of light, immortal and my truth nature is Peace, Purity, Love, Wisdom and Joy. But after taking human form – after birth after birth – we are no longer soul conscious we are body conscious. We have moved away from our truth and the truth of the supreme light our father who never takes birth into a human for – that is why he can grant us liberation and salvation. But only if I the soul can see, accept, and believe.

    Kindred spirits – okay good night it almost 12pm her in the UK.

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  2. Good message Gloria. It is very relatable but for me I have gotten through the questioning stage and into the acceptance stage. Like tonight when I shake my head at myself, I tend to wonder why I can too easily turn away from the one who loves me the most. I tend to shake my head a lot!


  3. I probably don’t question nearly as much as I used to. This particular message came through to me about 10 years ago. However, I believe that we never lose the need to connect to the Divine guidance available to all of us. A comforting word can go a long way towards helping us accept things. At least I find it to be so. I also feel that acceptance is an ongoing process; sometimes we need to go through that process for every obstacle we encounter in our lives. All of the saints questioned and asked for guidance throughout their lives, especially the mystics. If they need it, I certainly need it a million times more! I know that not everyone will need or want the things I share here, but if someone finds comfort or inspiration, it’s worth it.

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  4. Dear Gloria, This means so very much to me! A few years back I went through a period of deep despair. God saw me through this, through the lovingkindness of friends and my soulmate Lydia. Then I experienced a kind of shift, like an epiphany – but it was perhaps more gradual than these experiences typically are. Now I am blessed and filled with joy. Don’t get me wrong… I am very far from perfect or all holy and humble. But there is an inner peace that transcends description. My soulmate Lydia just underwent hip replacement… certainly a scary time. But I have a deep faith that she will heal stronger and in more comfort – and that we will explore the miracles God has provided here in the 21st century to bring relief, freedom and joy again… By the way, Psalm 1 was one of my Mom’s favorites and she had it memorized. It always reminds me of her strength and good-natured spirit… -john william

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    • John, you and Lydia have always been such kind supporters and appreciators of “the Writing” that I have shared with you over the years. It always has made me happy when you find a message of peace and comfort in it. I also appreciate your and Lydia’s support of my blog. It means more than I can say. I am fortunate to have you both in my life!


  5. Beautiful writing. Very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. This is so inspirational, Gloria! It’s a comfort to know that the time of dryness does not last forever. God’s blessings on your family and ministry in Jesus’ name.

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